When is the Next Crypto Bull Run?

when is the next crypto bull run

A bull run is an upward trend of the price of a particular asset. It is characterized by a higher number of investors who are buying the asset and its demand outweighing supply. A reversal of the trend usually happens after a period of consolidation.

Several factors can influence the prices of digital assets. These include market news sentiment, institutional adoption, economic and political developments, and technological advancements.

Inflation: Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile investment that may surge during periods of uncertainty. This is because slow-moving or low-return assets are less popular during times of economic instability. This can lead to a spike in demand for higher-volatility and higher-return assets like cryptocurrency.

Interest rate: Cryptocurrency can also surge during periods of high inflation. This is because it is easier for investors to invest in speculative and riskier assets during times of higher interest rates.

Institutional adoption: A significant amount of institutions are interested in cryptocurrencies and may buy them during a crypto bull run to diversify their portfolios. This can increase the market price of crypto assets and increase investor confidence.

Economic and political development: Inflation, interest rates, and a growing consumer base can cause a surge in demand for cryptocurrencies. This will increase their value, as more people start to use them as a medium of exchange.

Technological advancement: New innovations and technology roll-outs can boost the prices of a cryptocurrency. This can help advance the crypto economy and increase financial inclusion.

Historically, bull runs in the cryptocurrency market last for about half a year or a year. They are typically triggered by Bitcoin halving cycles, which occur every four years.

The next crypto bull run is unlikely to happen until late 2024 or early 2025, according to Du Jun, the co-founder of Chinese exchange Huobi. He based his opinion on the past price patterns of BTC and the coin’s halving cycle.

TamaDoge, one of the most hyped meme coins, is another potential candidate for a crypto bull run in 2022. It was one of the first cryptocurrencies to get a public mention from Elon Musk, who is a huge fan of the token.

But it has yet to prove itself as a viable use case in the crypto landscape, and its lack of a robust ecosystem may prevent it from taking off.

It will probably take a while for the price of crypto to reach $1 again, so investors might want to consider some other options before investing. Dogecoin, for example, is still a popular coin and might bounce back in the next few weeks, but it’s not worth investing in right now.

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