Top Crypto News Websites

top crypto news

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are catching the attention of governments, large corporations, and a growing number of investors around the world. As these technologies evolve, there’s a growing need for news outlets to cover the latest developments and market movements. Here’s our list of the top crypto news websites that will keep you up to date on the current state of the industry and inform you about the trends that could impact your investment decisions.

Bitcoin Magazine

This Bitcoin-focused publication is run by Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum. Its coverage includes deep stories on technology, adoption, challenges and opportunities in the digital currency space. It also offers a variety of educational resources for newcomers to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.


The financial news giant has launched a dedicated crypto section to provide readers with up-to-date coverage of the ever-changing digital currency market. In addition to breaking news and daily trading updates, Bloomberg’s crypto news features high-profile interviews and explainers on the latest developments in the crypto space.

Invest in Blockchain

One of the newest entrants to the crypto space, Invest in Blockchain is an excellent resource for learning all about crypto. It provides authentic and accurate information on the crypto market and also has a trading analysis section to help you make informed investments.


Forbes has a long history of providing unbiased and informative coverage on a wide range of topics from sports to politics to even off-kilter conversations. Its cryptocurrency section, though, is a bit small compared to its other sections but still has lots of interesting articles and headlines that may interest you.

Daily Coin

A global news outlet, Daily Coin has a diverse group of writers that report crypto news and events from across the globe. Its website is easy to navigate and has a nice layout that will make it a great read for crypto enthusiasts and beginners alike.


Founded in 2018 by Josh Quittner, who previously worked as a reporter at Fortune and Time, Decrypt is one of the best news outlets covering crypto. Its free daily podcast and news highlights give you a comprehensive look at the latest DeFi news.


Besides the regular news and research that comes from a crypto media outlet, Blockworks also covers asset management, macro markets, and financial services. The site has a strong team of experienced writers and contributors, and it publishes news, research, and reports frequently.


Coingape is a multilingual platform that gives you an in-depth look at the latest crypto news and stories, including exclusive project reviews, price analysis, and interviews with experts. The website is updated regularly, and the user interface is clean.


The popular social networking site Reddit has numerous crypto-friendly subreddits that are a great source for news and discussion. Many crypto personalities use these forums to share their opinions and discuss the latest events in the market.


If you’re looking for a reliable source of unbiased crypto news, then CNBC is the place to go. Its news and analysis is geared toward the average consumer, but there’s also a dedicated crypto section that includes high-profile interviews, explainers, and unique stories on the rapidly evolving market.

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