Top Crypto News Sites and Blogs

top crypto news

Cryptocurrency news sites and blogs are one of the best ways to stay on top of the latest developments in the nascent industry. These sites offer breaking news, market reports, and analysis, as well as interviews with top experts in the space. Some of these outlets even host conferences and events.

The Most Reputable Crypto News Sites

While crypto news sites and blogs vary in their focus, there are some that are particularly trustworthy. They provide the latest news and analysis from a wide range of sources, and often allow contributors to submit their own content.


Founded in 2013, Coindesk is a well-known media outlet that offers a comprehensive range of news, market reports, and analysis on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs. The publication also hosts a number of events throughout the year, including Consensus, the world’s largest blockchain conference.


Dedicated crypto coverage is available at Bloomberg, which touches on newsworthy new hires, government advancements towards digital assets, and more. The publication also features an article on ShapeShift’s move to commission-free trading, giving readers a glimpse of what’s on the horizon in this burgeoning sector.


Unlike many mainstream publications, Forbes has covered crypto full-time since it was first introduced to the public. Its editorial team understands the massive potential of cryptocurrency and continues to provide coverage that aligns with this vision.

E-Crypto News

Founded by an experienced crypto journalist, E-Crypto News has been a leading source of information about crypto for the past 10 years. They provide their readers with daily updates, insights, tutorials, and charting tools. Their team of industry pros also discuss their upcoming and current projects, giving you the opportunity to learn more about what’s going on in the space.


BeInCrypto is another popular crypto news site that provides breaking crypto news, crypto-focused reviews, and technical analysis breakdowns of different cryptocurrencies. It also has a job board that highlights open positions in the industry.


Originally launched in 2018, Bankless aims to help crypto investors become ‘bankless’ with the use of DeFi applications. They publish content designed to teach investors how to avoid banking fees, and their podcasts and newsletters cover a wide range of topics related to the DeFi ecosystem.


Founded in 2017, Blockworks is a crypto-focused publication that covers many different aspects of the industry, from research and development to regulation. They also write about asset management news, macro markets, and financial services.

In the 2022 Year of Crypto!

Whether you’re a dedicated crypto bro or a crypto sis, this is the year you have to watch out for. From Simpsons predictions to AI-generated art to Terra Luna, here are the most interesting stories that caught the eye of the crypto crowd in 2022.

The most popular stories of 2022 were the Terra Luna debacle, XRP price prediction, influencer scams, and AI-generated art.

Aside from offering breaking news and in-depth articles, these top crypto news sites also serve as portals for startups seeking to promote their products and services. In addition, some of them also feature an extensive database of upcoming ICOs. Lastly, they all have great social media engagement and community support.

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