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Cryptocurrency News Platform focuses on the developments in the blockchain and crypto industries. Moreover, it also publishes articles about the impact of cryptocurrencies on different communities. It’s a free service. However, it’s not trading advice.

To avoid being manipulated, you need to find the right news source for you. You can do so by assessing the quality of the news site. This involves checking whether the site is mobile friendly, does not contain too many ads, has too many affiliate links, and does not have too many unsuitable designs.

In addition, you should look out for articles that are sponsored. Those are often biased and may contain false claims. Instead, look for an authentic and trustworthy crypto news website.

The best news websites have a strong team of editors and price analysts. They ensure that their assessments are comprehensive. Also, they check for fraudulent claims. For example, they reach out to the representatives of the entity being mentioned in the news. When they get the information, they then write the analysis. That way, you can be sure that their claims are real.

Some of the top crypto news sites are Coinspeaker, Daily Hodl, and CryptoSlate. They all cover all the latest news in the industry. They include interviews with project founders and professionals. Aside from that, their articles are regularly updated. Their contributors are professional and offer professional advice to the readers.

Decrypt is an independent media brand that specializes in the news related to Ethereum and Bitcoin. They also include opinion articles and educational articles. These publications aim to highlight the real users of cryptocurrencies. They emphasise decentralization and the effects of the blockchain technology in the world.

Investopedia is a renowned journal that offers a wealth of information about financial products. They are a reliable source for information on the industry.

Reddit is a popular place to discuss and find a variety of different topics. Despite its popularity, it is not an ideal news platform. Even if it is a trusted source, you can still find a lot of fake news. Therefore, you should be careful when you read the content posted on Reddit.

While the cryptocurrency market has become a buzz, there are also shady people who take advantage of the unwary. One such person is Scott Melker, who is known as the “Wolf of All Streets” on Twitter. He covers the market on his blog and tweets about the hottest crypto projects and trends. If you’re looking for a good follow, you should consider him.

Although there are numerous news platforms in the crypto industry, you should choose those that are guaranteed to be impartial. Besides, it is important to do a thorough research before buying any coin. By doing so, you will be able to make a well-informed decision.

Other than these, you can also search for other media outlets that specialize in the crypto industry. CryptoSlate, for instance, has an office in Seattle and is considered one of the most trustworthy news sources.

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